Friday, January 25 2019

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

I thought I’d take this opportunity to keep folks aware of how we make products here in Smart Doll Land.
This is a photo of Mirai’s botty. As you can see there is a birthmark on the side of the torso. These marks appear at random (just like the ones on your body) and could appear anywhere on the Smart Doll body including bwebs, arms, hands and so on. Folks who are not keen on this idea should avoid Smart Doll products. Oh there are also bumps in the molds which appear though the electroplating process - this means that the genes of the mold get passed down to the casted part too.

It’s very important to set expectations for the consumer - we do not want folks buying something that they did not expect. Me not being a fan of the Durian fruit (its a green spiky smelly thing they call “the king of fruit”) - I personally would not appreciate somebody putting a jar of coffee in our company lounge and not telling me it had durian powder mixed inside like I discovered when drinking it the other day lol.

The design of Smart Doll is heavily influenced by Japanese design principles known as Wabi Sabi. These principles are typically applied to design but can also be applied to business and life too - I spoke about how we purposely factor concepts of imbalance, imperfection and asymmetry in a previous post earlier this week.

The rest of what I wanted to write does not fit in this text field so read the rest by flicking through the images. #smartdoll

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