Thursday, January 24 2019

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

This is how I take the product photos of our girls. I take these photos outside on my balcony. I need to wait for the sun to be at a particular point in the sky (which changes throughout the year) before taking photos. I lately like the flick of the wig and this is how I do it although when I finish the girls end up with a headache. I set camera to manual with a fast shutter speed. I then focus on the eye first before swinging our girl left or right - then move them back to the same spot where the camera is still in focus waiting to take the shot. I need to take about 200 shots to get a few useable ones but love the look of them after. Do try the Smart Doll Wig Flick Challenge and show us with the #smartdoll tag.
Does not really work with the bob or wave wigs though.

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