Saturday, January 12 2019

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

If you are a British national like myself living abroad you may feel homesick from time to time and want to watch some British TV. The BBC iPlayer is available from the UK app store. Register an account and enter your home address where your folks back in the UK are paying their TV license. You can get to watch TV shows to make sure your vocabulary is up to date with the latest British humor - and also watch documentaries like David Attenborough’s latest “Dynasties.” I love watching nature documentaries. It’s fascinating to learn just how similar other organisms behave when compared to humans. Did you know that humans share about 60% of the same DNA with a banana? 96% with a chimpanzee? Now how does a banana “behave”? Well you would be surprised when you learn how different plants evolved to make sure their species continues to survive.

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