Thursday, January 10 2019

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

Got myself a Google Fi SIM card as soon as I heard it was now iOS compatible. I travel outside of Japan quite a bit and always need to hunt for a SIM card but now I can use the same SIM in all of the regions I travel to for reasonable prices. It’s 20USD for unlimited calls and text with 10 USD/GB of data - if I use over 6GB it stays at 60USD and I can continue to use data.
My Google Fi came with a fixed US number with but found that I get a load of cold calling and texts. While it does happen in Japan, cold calling/spam calls/text is rare over here. What is it like in your neck of the woods and how do you handle it? And how do you block spam calls on your land line anyway?
I do occasionally call up customers to say hello but our US customers would rarely pick up on the first call - I guess its because of the amount of cold calling.
Any of you using Google Fi or anything similar? What do you do when you travel overseas for data? Use your current plan or SIM hunt? #smartdoll

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