Monday, December 31 2018

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Hey everybody! Its already Jan 1st for folks in New Zealand and will soon be for the rest of the world so here is wishing you a Happy New Year from the Smart Doll team! Thanks for your continued support. We look forward to making more change together with you in 2019.

What did you enjoy the most from Smart Doll in 2018 and what are you looking forward to in 2019?

Some of you may be making some new year resolutions but I recommend against it. The reason is that you often hear folks say to themselves during the course of the year “this goal will be one of my new year resolutions” - it’s just an excuse to put something off. If you want to do something do it now.
Doing new stuff takes effort but humans (and all living animals) are biologically wired to use as less effort/energy as possible. This is why many of us give up when starting new stuff. But humans also come with the ability to re-wire our neural pathways in our brain to use energy more efficiently. If we continue to do stuff that we set out to do, the “hard” becomes “easy” and when that happens you have just gained a new skill/changed your life/unlocked a new achievement.

You hear people trying to encourage you by saying “never give up” which is a very easy thing to say.
But what they need to tell you is what happens if you do give up.

Giving up something you started will strengthen your neural pathways in your brain in a bad way that will make it easier for you to give up on anything in the future and before you know it you will be uttering to Tony Stark “I don’t feel so good.” Remember - don’t make “new year resolutions” - make resolutions all year round and stick to them or else as Ken from Fist of the North Star will say - “You are already dead.” Happy new year!
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