Wednesday, December 19 2018

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

In Smart Doll Land we like to call our girls different names regardless of whether they are an existing girl in a different skin tone. While the face masks may be the same, the color palette is different and we do many iterations until we feel that we have a good match. Some times it does not work out because the original face design is designed for a particular skin tone. For example the face design for Justice was created for Cocoa but she didn’t look so fab in Milk or Tea so there are no plans to do Justice in any other skin tones. 
Trinity looked great in Tea (Destiny) and Cocoa (Unity) and all three skin tones are doing very well. This girl is Serenity in Tea - I saw many of you ask so my team did a few tests and make up with this color palette - I think she looks cute! What shall we call her?

Among the daily hate mail however, I get folks saying that I’m deceiving people by giving our products different names and that I should call them Serenity Tea (for example). However, I’m also told that as a manufacturer I am only allowed to answer “Yes” or “No” and that any other answer is hostile and defensive. Meow? Pew Pew. #notweet #smartdoll

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