Monday, December 17 2018

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

All tea girls (Including Destiny) will be available online again tomorrow evening JST. Shipping may take a few days more than the usual as we ramp up production again.
So we have a problem in Smart Doll Land at the moment - the demand for our products exceeds what we can make every month. We are hiring more people but it takes time to train them up - vinyl flash cutting for example takes at least six months to get used to cutting the various shapes and sizes.

All of a sudden there was a spike of orders for our tea girls and before we knew it we had no frames left. We still have a shortage which is why the High Heel Feet have been unavailable for ages.

I guess this is a better problem to have than nobody wanting our stuff lol. Problems like this forces us to innovate, streamline our workflows and fix workflows which are broke - not only internally but also with our vendors too.

As for other updates - the boys will be back in Jan. We need to decide which molds to set in the casting facility and we have to do that based on the demand - folks call me greedy for this but I do want to make sure I can keep paying staff, vendors and rent too. Some consumers seem to forget about these costs. I’ve actually been told that 10 USD is way too expensive for a cortex version of Smart Doll.

Anyway, the cocoa guy is being worked on every day so more guys on the horizon. We admittedly take ages to do stuff but we want to do it right instead of rushing stuff for a short term gig to make a fast buck.

I thought I’d take this opportunity to mention that all busts from Wide upwards (Wide, XL, XXL, XXXL) will be deprecated in all skin tones - if you want them then get them soon.

I think thats it for this evening. We managed to ship a ton of Serenity out today with more shipping over next few days. #smartdoll #notweet

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