Wednesday, December 5 2018

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Reposting cos the photos came through in an odd order…

Born with a birthmark on the right side of her face, Valiant was constantly teased as a child and as a teenager - she was constantly told that she should undergo surgery to remove the mark. Made to feel ashamed of what she was until her early twenties, Valiant today lives a life liberated from the shackles of trying to please others and worrying about what society thinks.

No more does she spend time trying to cover up the mark with make up each morning - she lives a life being herself and spends time with those who love her for who she is. But the path to this bravery was not an easy one as we will soon discover…

Valiant - she is a symbol to remind us that we have the ability to chose how we live our own lives instead of having our life dictated by others and what society wants us to be.
Valiant is in production now due for a Q1 2019 release.


彼女が毎朝化粧で母斑を隠そうとして時間をかけることはもうない。彼女は自分自身の人生を送り、ありのままの彼女を愛してくれる人たちとともに時を過ごしている。しかし、この「勇気」への道のりが生易しいものではなかったということは、すぐにお分かりいただけるだろう…… ヴァリアント - 私たちは、他人や社会がどう考えるのかによって自分の人生を決められてしまうのではなく、自分自身の人生をどう生きるかを自分で選ぶ力を持っている。彼女は、このことを気づかせてくれる象徴的存在だ。
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