Wednesday, December 5 2018

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

I don’t want to keep folks waiting for over half a year for their goodies after pre-ordering so I’m already making Mika Jougasaki Smart Doll so that she can ship to you quicker. Also, I want you to order based on product photos and not prototypes. As a consumer I know what its like to wait for *half a year* (or more) only to find out what arrives looks like poo but it was my fault because I ordered based on prototype photos and not product photos - I don’t want this to happen to you.
This all means that I proceed in making various molds without taking pre-orders - this is something other manufacturers prefer not to do for various reasons. The molds take time but I am nearly ready to ship zillions now that I’ve got a certain amount ready. The first folks who order will get their waaaaay quicker than those who are a bit slow on the trigger button.

I need to finish off a few bits n pieces before taking orders which should be in Jan if all goes well. © BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.

城ヶ崎美嘉スマートドール。予約してから半年も待たせたくないので現在はある程度数を先に製作しています。また、予約の際は試作ではなく商品の写真で予約してほしい。このため金型や彩色マスクを先に作りました。本体も、制服も、ウィッグも日本国内製造。#notweet #smartdoll

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