Friday, November 30 2018

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

Now that Smart Doll Cortex is on the horizon, we can now release apparel items that stains - just like this black lace “sports bra” - it stained the vinyl version so we couldn’t release it. It will stain the Cortex material but can be easily wiped off using some thinner.
Now we have a wider choice of materials to develop with which we had to avoid in the past. These “Cortrex Only” items will be labeled clearly so that folks dont end up buying them for their vinyl girls or boys. Although our boys could possibly look good wearing the lace sports bra. 色移りのことで今まで使えなかった生地がスマートドールのプラモデル版「コーテックス」の登場でやっと使えるようになった。この黒レーススポブラはソフビで色移ったため販売できなかったですが、「コーテックス専用」でリリースします。厳密に言うとコーテックスに色移りますが、シンナーで簡単に落とせます。販売の際には「CORTEX ONLY」と明記します。
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