Wednesday, November 28 2018

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

I have always practiced what I preached apart from one thing - trying to cover up my balding head lol.
For the past 10 years I’ve been on warp speed to being balder than Jean-Luc Picard. Before heading outside I would spend loads of time trying to cover up my balding patch by using hair gel but would spend especially more time before I get up on stage or before filming. Before hitting Picard level I would have had a comb-over and be at risk of being scanned at the supermarket by the cashier mistaking my head for a barcode.

Our biggest asset is time - not money and when you get to my age, time ticks faster and you are constantly battling with priorities - in my case I try to focus on the big stuff while sacrificing the small stuff. I think back to the amount of time wasted trying cover up my bald patch. Being worried about what others think is hardwired into our DNA - it’s the same in the animal kingdom too. The better we look - the better are our chances of finding a mate to pass on our genes and thus our species survives and this is how evolution has worked for millions of years.

While I didn’t go direct to the Picard look (yet), I wanted to shave short enough so that I can just get up and go without trying to hide the shining beacon emanating from my bald patch - it was dangerous because I could cause car crashes from the brightness. It’s liberating being able to truly not give a shite and the amount of time I save on hair maintenance is colossal - now I can invest that time in doing more in the time that I have remaining than maintain a head which is going to go bald anyway.

If you was the last person on Earth - you probably won’t spend time on how good you look and instead use that time to fend off the Zombies like Will Smith did in I Am Legend - love that movie - I preferred the alternate ending though.

Decisions you make in life is most likely to be dictated by what others and society thinks of you - you are hardwired to think this way and society has molded us to be like this - but Humans were born with a conscious that can re-wire the way we think and live a life that we truly wanted.

Oh - Cortex Mirai looks great bald due to absence of the cap line

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