Tuesday, November 27 2018

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

This is the Cortex version of Mirai Anniversary. Its slightly different from the vinyl version of Mirai Anniversary as the mold is completely different. We had to do a CT Scan of the vinyl head to replicate the shape of the Vinyl Master. Even though we made the original 3D data - we can’t use it to replicate the look and feel of the vinyl. This is because the process of electro molding is a completely natural process where copper is layered on to the mold through an electrical charge in a tub - it truly is up to mother nature how it turns out.

Back then, Mirai anniversary didn’t exist. Mirai anniversary is using what we call a Production mold - a mold replicated from the Master. Production molds shrink in size by a few %. For this reason you will notice that Mirai Classic and Mirai anniversary heads are slightly different in size.

OK test time - did you understand what I was babbling on about? If so answer me why is Mirai Anniversary Cortex and Vinyl different? If you grasped the concept then you are on the way to making your own products one day. If you all didn’t understand then I need to do a long overdue post on this. #smartdoll #notweet

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