Monday, December 3 2018

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

I was never really into wearing rings (apart from my wedding ring) or accessories such as pendants or bangles until I started to put them on our Smart Dolls where I discovered how much they compliment the overall look and feel.

I had been given some human rings that I put on Mirai as a bangle and I really liked it - but I wanted to make our own. Good thing we have Sakamoto-san of Kagurazaka Tokyo as an ally who is a real Full Metal Alchemist.

The bangle fits all Smart Doll boys and girls but you need to pull off the hand first. While it does fit some human females (my wife can wear it on her little finger) - they are ultimately designed as bangles for Smart Dolls.

You can also wear then on a piece of string (like the one that comes with the Dog Tag) as shown in some of these photos.

The surface has been given a worn look and feel to compliment our Weathered n Worn line of apparel. Do note that this product contains a single bangle - one of these photos show two bangles being worn as an example.
Bangles are available now. #smartdoll #notweet

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