Monday, December 3 2018

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

Duster Jacket for #smarttdoll - available now.
“Smart Doll for the Outdoors” is a key concept of Smart Doll. While they do look great on display at home, they are really designed to be taken outdoors. For this reason, more and more of our apparel items are embracing the Weathered n Worn look and feel.

I really liked the design of our Stand Collar Jackets but wanted them in the Weathered n Worn feel so that they would look great not only in urban areas buy also in the great outdoors too.

We tweaked the original design to include shoulder loops which keep our bag straps from slipping off the shoulders. The material is the same as the Military Field Jacket which has been given a warm earthly used look.

A Spick-and-span dinner jacket has a sense of dressing up to look good to please others while a used jacket like this - by its very nature of looking worn with holes in it makes a statement - “I wear what I want and I want to be comfortable and not care what you think. I don’t care if this gets muddy stains on it either - but would mind if dog poo got on it.” Do note that as with all our used stone washed apparel items - there may be some sand left in the pockets - just pretend its some Diatom shell - go read about it and learn. Also note that you should expect the edges to be worn as we did some post processing too which involves sanding the edges with sandpaper. You may also have worn holes in it with loose threads too.

And now for the bad news - the factory that made this brown material closed down due to the Japanese apparel industry shifting its production to China. This affects those like us who have chosen to keep production in Japan as we can’t procure the materials that we need on a long term basis.

I’ve tried to replicate the look and feel of the actual material with not so great results. I love this material and color combination but until I find a way to get more of if this material, this jacket is going to be a limited edition. #notweet

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