Monday, December 3 2018

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

A little elf tells me that not many manufacturers out there are making Elf Ears. The elf is sad and just when I thought she was going to cry, she says “make some elf ears for Smart Doll in soft vinyl and I won’t re-arrange your face.”
Having not much time to do anything else let alone having ones face re-arranged, I agreed to the deal - and here they are available now! The elf seems happy.

I wanted a way for the ears to stay put and be easy to attach so we employed the same over-the-ear-under-the-wig method that we used with Kanata Glasses. Smart Doll wigs over the past few years are quite a tight fit so they should stay in place. If they don’t then you may want to add a bit of blue-tac to keep them in place but again they should stay in place if you are using a Smart Doll wig.
Do be careful if you are out n about in transit as you may bump into something and may poke somebodies eyes out or even worse - drop one of the ears.

Humor aside - while the ears are not sharp enough to cut your morning sandwich, they would probably hurt a lot if you poked your or somebodies eyes with it so please be careful. While the ears do resemble a tasty snack, they are not edible and you should not attempt to eat them - splashing tabasco sauce on it won’t help either.

These ears have been designed to fit Smart Doll girls n boys - we do not know whether they would fit other manufacturer dolls and strongly recommend against trying. #smartdoll #notweet

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