Wednesday, October 31 2018

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

Now that I’m kinda back on my feet I can take the final photos for the Mirai Carry product page - pre-orders should be open this month and ship either late Dec or early Jan.
Just like Smart Doll - I’m making Mirai Carry (released under the Danny Choo label ) in #japan which mean my costs are quite a bit which will reflect in the price - but as always I wanted to maintain and release a quality product by keeping the production local.
Also, as we can only make a limited bunch at a single time, I can only sell Mirai Carry to Smart Doll owners for the foreseeable future - it’s designed for Smart Doll and I want our customers to have priority. Does not matter if you bought your Smart Doll direct from us or from a retailer or second hand - we will confirm ownership at time of pre-order. #smartdoll

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