Monday, October 22 2018

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

10 years ago I was diagnosed with Spinal Hernia. Since then I’ve been in and out of hospital for treatment when things got bad. Since this Summer, things stared to get bad. I knew I had to go to hospital but I kept putting it off despite parts of my body slowly breaking down telling me to take a break - I didn’t want to waste time in hospital when I could be working on my current life project which is #smartdoll Cortex - along with all the other projects.
Last week I lost the ability to walk again. I could barely crawl to the toilet let alone wipe my own botty. I was salivating - not because there was something tasty looking nearby but because of the pain.

When you decide to run your own business you have to choose between 3 things - family, health or business - balancing all 3 is just not possible. My wife is the most important to me and yet I put the business first - this does not make sense because if I kicked the bucket one day through overwork then I would not be doing my wife or the business any favors.

While I have always maintained a belief that I would always put quality before letting a half baked product out the door - I still hated making customers wait.
I would normally say that I would die for the business because it has brought me much meaning and I’m very passionate about our Smart Doll girls (and boys) - but when you are hospitalized reflecting on life then the thing you think about most is what you care about the most and for me wifey is numero uno - which is why “health” needs to be a priority from now. What this means is that I’m not going to pressure myself to the point where I’m hospitalized again just to keep the company running. I hope I keep this promise because I’m writing this as I’m still recovering - I hope I don’t go back on my word when I’m up and running about again.

This photo taken after I’ve had a procedure called a Nerve Block where a lovely huge needle is stuck in the spine 4 times to inject some magic potion to block the pain so that I can walk again and hopefully spend more time on health to heal the affected disc area. I’m also taking medication and should be working again soon. #smartdoll

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