Friday, November 9 2018

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

I’m putting together some of the Cortex Smart Doll’s for #AnimeNYC now. When I can’t find my QC stickers I will sign it myself - this goes inside the torso and has your serial number together with the names of folks who are held accountable for the quality you expect from Smart Doll.

The first batch of Cortex Smart Doll’s have now all been taken - congrats - you are the first people in the world to own the first product final versions.
I’ll update you when they are available online but won’t be too soon. For now however I only have a few slots left at AnimeNYC for a few Tea and Cocoa skin tone girls in Vinyl which will be 550 USD each and come with about 310 USD worth of apparel. Contact me the usual way if you are interested - use the Smart Doll support address or DM me on Instagram if we have already spoke before.
Apologies to all those who contacted me - I woke up with a ton of requests before you :-( The change that Cortex will bring to the industry will be is so profound I just can’t even. Hmm. #smartdoll #notweet

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