Thursday, November 8 2018

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

Smart Doll Cortex will be available first at AnimeNYC next weekend. As some of you know - selling stuff at events is not a high priority for us - meeting our fans and meeting new allies to join the Smart Doll legion is the reason why we travel. I am especially interested to talk to as many people as possible regarding our American offices - the right timing is approaching now that Cortex has joined the ranks - I just need to figure out visas, taxes, location and all that lovely paperwork stuff. I’m always looking out for talent to join our Japanese offices too.
But because selling at events is not a super high priority, we can only bring a very limited amount of dolls with us. For this reason we usually take pre-orders for the dolls we bring so that fans no need to queue up or rush on the trains etc. Folks who discover our brand at the event may or may not be able to pick one up but because our stuff ships so fast from Japan, many just order online.

Our Cortex Smart Dolls for AnimeNYC will be at a rather special price - these Cortex models are Hybrid meaning the head is the soft vinyl version - they come with about 310 USD worth of curated apparel and I’m selling them each for 450 USD.
You can also choose from Kizuna Anniversary, Haruka and Serenity too - I got no official release dates for these girls yet but you can have a Cortex Version first at #AnimeNYC
But this is all first come first serve and some of you have already contacted me reserving your cortex girl - half our quota is already gone. Please use the Smart Doll support email - or if you and I have already chatted on Instagram DM then that’s fine too.

The official release is still not known but will be mid Dec due to constant tweaks and… hernia. The official price has not yet been decided. For folks who want the cheapest possible Smart Doll will have to wait for the kit and the cortex heads. As long as a vinyl head is involved then costs go through the roof - and I’ve kept Cortex production in Japan to maintain the quality.
I will still continue the vinyl business but am also very very exited about…..a doll that fits in your pocket - lemme show you that next month OMG its sooooo cute!

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