Wednesday, November 7 2018

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

Pre-built Smart Doll Cortex (in curated apparel gear) on sale first at #animenyc in New York next week. The molds have been sandblasted so the surface has a really nice matte finish - just like vinyl. And just like vinyl - it’s completely compatible with our vinyl bewbs and hand parts.
And yes - all apparel, wigs and eyes are fully compatible too.
These photos show parting lines which have not been sanded or filled in - leave them as they are or do your gunpla thang. We don’t glue the parts together as they latch on to the frame but if you want to close the gaps even more then you can glue them if you want. Folks who are Gundam modelers or are pro resin BJD owners will already know how to perform this sorcery. What you can do with Cortex that you can’t do with Vinyl however is to kit bash and build anything you want. Folks who love Frame Arms Girl or Bushu Shinki will love Cortex.

If parting lines are not your thing then stick with the vinyl version which we will continue to make.

I know folks are excited for more info (me excited too!) but this is all happening at a time where I simply must drop everything from time to time or I’ll end up not being able to walk again lol. I will release more info and videos over the next few days and let you know more about how to get your cortex at Anime NYC tomorrow or the day after. But for the rest of this evening I need to get medication and a book in bed.
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