Sunday, October 7 2018

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

Sunny Sunday at home cleaning and decluttering. One tactic is to remove something from your environment and see if you get withdrawal symptoms - if you manage to live without that removed item for the next few days then you probably didn’t need it.
You maybe unaware but just by owning a ton of stuff (even though it’s out of sight) affects decisions you make in your life and career. I know too many people who turn down great career opportunities because they had too much “stuff” that they felt they needed to look after - google Sunk Costs. There is a good chance that if you put all your possessions in a single huge box that you will realize that you only use 20% of what you own on a daily basis. I’m not saying you should throw everything away and live in an empty box - but from experience, making small sacrifices ultimately contributes to large gains in life like it has for me - more time to focus on the big stuff that matters rather than the small stuff that takes up space in drawers or storage - looking for a single item among 100 items will take time but looking for that same item among 5 items will mean that you are already doing something else one step ahead of the game. I can speak more about this subject but I’ll leave it to a long post or one of my talks. My next talk is at AnimeNYC next month. #smartdoll

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