Tuesday, October 2 2018

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

A quick update on the backlog of girls which is being affected by a plethora of fun and games including production capacity, mask-not-good-enough-shenanigans and hurricanes.
This is Serenity’s mask - it was given to us with the expectation that I would approve it - um no. Take a look at the curve on the mouth for example - even though the angles are off by about 0.3 mm - it’s significant enough to change the whole look and feel. What you see here is a bunch of instructions that we make to let the vendor know what our expectations are in requested fixes. While getting the production masks 100% the same as the master is not possible due to the hand made nature - I want to make sure its as close to the master as possible before I give it to you.

I am looking into pad printing but its a huge learning curve but once nailed - masks will be generated using computers. The pads are still manually tweaked though.
Anyway, I don’t have dates for any of the following girls as every single mask has gone back for fixing - to top that off we got another hurricane passing by Tokyo this weekend.
Trinity - should be available again this month.
Justice - launch brought forward due to available capacity in production line for cocoa - release either end of Oct or beginning Nov.
Serenity, Kizuna, Haruka, Journey, Mika - no ETA.

I get mails on a daily basis complaining about delayed releases but this is how its always going to be - quality over rushed releases my good friend. If you also have a good friend who is “suffering” from our delayed releases then please put them out of their misery and recommend that they invest in other brands as our core values will never change.

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