Monday, September 24 2018

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

A ton of you have already made good use of the free apparel patterns for T-shirts and pants that we have been distributing - I’ve also seen many folks using the free patterns as an opportunity to start learning how to sew - remember that side projects in life is just as important as eating and poo-ing.

This time I’ve prepared free patterns for Smart Doll men and women’s stain prevention long leggings and women’s stain prevention shorts. While we do sell lace versions, we don’t have any plans to sell the non-lace versions - the only ones we do make may come with licensed characters like Lelouch and Nami.

You are free to use and modify these patterns for your own projects at school or home which includes selling anything you make - I shall take no fees whatsoever - please read the introductory post on terms of usage of these patterns and do take note of printer settings. We don’t have plans anytime soon to make any leggings for the guys so I believe there will be a demand - unless the guys don’t mind wearing the lace ones which do actually fit.

Tap on the link in my profile to get the goodies on the Smart Dill site. Go learn and possibly earn. #smartdoll #notweet

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