Saturday, September 15 2018

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

As I mentioned when we started to share Smart Doll apparel patterns, side projects are extremely important in life. Regardless of whether you are schooling or working - having side projects is something that you really should not skip out on.

For this reason I’ve started to share 3D data of various Smart Doll option parts. Many moons ago I started to self study 3D Max in my own time when I was working at Amazon - the knowledge I gained eventually helped me in the production of Smart Doll 10 years later - without that knowledge there might have been no Smart Doll.

You are free to use and modify the data for your own projects at school or home which includes selling anything you make - I shall take no fees whatsoever - what you make is yours as long as you use the data to make Smart Doll stuff - and if your 3D work is awesome and inline with the sort of quality we seek then you may find that I stalk you and one day ask if you are free to do work for us.

Disclaimer - data is provided as is for free and we take no responsibility through any events occurred through use of the data. For example if you tried to print a life jacket or parachute in the shape of the boobs and only found out afterwards in hospital that it wasn’t such a good idea after all.

The first data file is of the XL bust for Smart Doll - ideal for folks learning 3D or want to tweak the shape to meet their...tastes. Although you probably should not taste them as 3D prints are known to cause certain male body parts to shrink.
Click on the link in my profile or head to the Smart Doll online store to download for free. #smartdoll #notweet

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