Thursday, September 13 2018

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

Even with our own soft vinyl factory, we have maxed out our capacity - there is too much demand for our products and we just cant keep up which is why we have to delay the releases of the new Smart Doll's who are Trinity, Serenity, Journey, Kizuna Anniversary, Haruka, Justice, Mika. Sales had doubled over the past year and our new customer aquisition per month is an average of 45% - which is incredible - thank you thank you!
Incase you are wondering - I can make a maxumum of 1000 smart dolls per month at full throttle which is just not meeting the demand.
But I guess this is good timing as Cortex is just round the corner which will enable us to be where we need at tens of thousands per month.

Anyway - I cant disclose too much right now as the element of surprise is everything. What I can tell you is that Trinity masks are finally done and she is ready - I'm just waiting for decent weather to take the final product photos - she will be up for pre-order end of this month or early next.

Oh - collage winners announced tomorrow with details of how to get your mask. Some of you have already collected them at Mirai Store because I recognized you ^^ #smartdoll

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