Monday, August 13 2018

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

Nostalgia - taken when I was working with Amazon boss Jeff Bezos during my time at Amazon as Website Manager. He will always ask questions that absolutely nobody can answer. Because he is the boss - he can give even his most senior VP the Deer-in-headlights-look. He is the man.
When you are the boss of your own company - you too will find your self asking the same questions that nobody can answer too. No need to be disheartened - its not because nobody cares - they do care. Its because nobody will care as much as you - thats all. This goes out to all the bosses running their own company. Being the boss is the loneliest, most solitude position ever. People hate you for the quality you demand because it goes against humans biological programming of saving energy by reducing effort - and quality requires more energy than humans are willing to spend. But you know that you are not out to make friends - you are out to make a quality product so that when you die you can die in peace knowing you did your best - instead of making ton of money by selling crap and realising that you can’t take that money you made to the afterlife anyway.

アマゾンでウェブサイトマネージャーを務めた頃。社長のベゾス氏と直下部下の集合写真。#smartdoll #notweet

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