Friday, July 27 2018

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

This was made for a young girl who had her leg amputated. She already had a Smart Doll and wanted her doll to look like her. We made a custom torso for her by modifying the internal frame and leaving the outer shell thigh hole uncut. If we can help just a bit with the recovery from the traumatic experience then we will continue to provide these modifications free of charge. If you have a child who has special requirements for their Smart Doll then drop me a note. We also do mods for new Smart Dolls at no additional charge - we do need extra time to make the modifications though.
足をなくしてしまった女の子のために作った特注胴体。彼女は既存のスマートドールオーナーで、人形を自分と同じ姿にして欲しかった。この場合は骨格の改造と胴体のもも穴は切らないまま。少しでもトラウマを軽減することができればこのような特注を無償で対応していきます。#smartdoll #notweet

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