Monday, July 23 2018

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

I will be attending Otakuthon in Montreal Canada from 3 - 5th August.

I do have a panel where I will share learnings in my career instead of trying to sell you stuff which I used to do many moons ago and when I look back at my keynotes I cringe. I do touch briefly on some Smart Doll news though but most of the panel is used to give back - not to take more.

We will have a booth too where we will be selling Smart Doll for 830 CAD each - as with all our events in the past, we sell curated apparel sets where the value of the doll + apparel + import taxes amounts roughly 830 CAD. We can’t let folks choose apparel items as I need to curate to create a balance for the whole show. If you prefer to pick your own apparel then its probably better if you order from the site as usual and our team will send (as usual). If you are interested then send mail to with the title “OTAKUTHON - name of doll” letting us know which Smart Doll you would like. This is a first come first serve as we can only bring a small amount. We ask that you collect your dolls at the end of the last day. We don’t usually bring apparel items and focus on Smart Dolls only. Anyway send mail and our support team will attend to your needs and explain payment options but remember first come first serve.

See you next week! #smartdoll #notweet

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