Tuesday, July 17 2018

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

Some of you requested that I do trade-ins kinda like the way Apple does it - give them your old iPhone (or other brand) they give you a gift card. The apple site gives you a gift card for about 290 USD for a good condition iPhone.
Is this something useful or bad ethics if we accept dolls from other companies?
What you think and do you have suggestions on how this may work (or not)? For Smart Dolls we could refurbish (like the way Apple does for their stuff too) and place on an online outlet for everybody. For the ones in too bad of a condition to refurbish, we would remove the soul and use the body for apparel development. “Removing soul” in Smart Doll Land means to remove the eyes (ouch). Not sure what I would do with the non-smartdoll’s though.

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