Sunday, July 15 2018

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

Living room of late. Replaced the projector with a TV as the projector meant I could really only watch anything at night. Went with an LG LED after pondering an OLED. I hear the blacks on an OLED are superior but LED is brighter. Decided on the LED as I like bright displays. Went with the LG 65SJ8500 - old model but fits my needs. Love the built in NETFLIX and Amazon Prime. Shame no HULU but I can use the Apple TV for that anyway. As for the Smart Dolls - have some on display in the bedroom, lounge and den. Where do you keep your Smart Doll’s? I probably should do a “show is your smart doll room and win something” like I did with the Otacool books with Kotobukiya many moons ago. 最近のラウンジ。#smartdoll

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