Saturday, July 14 2018

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

My workspace of late which I try to keep as clutter free as possible. Clutter makes it difficult (for me anyway) to focus on the important things in life due to the small distractions of “stuff” which needs to be dusted or kept somewhere. Even if that “stuff” is hidden out of sight- it ends up being extra weight - just imagine being the captain of a boat - your stuff maybe in some cabinet but you will feel the weight as you steer your ship which will affect major decisions you make in life. I know folks who want to be doing great things with their career but let their “stuff” weigh them down. Getting rid of stuff you like is a sacrifice - it can be very hard throwing stuff out or giving it away! But make it a habit to offload and lighten your life and you will start to notice many good things happen. Out of 100 things I throw out, maybe I ended up needing 2 of those things some years down the line - no biggie - just buy them again. But those 100 things you threw away will free up an incredible amount of time and time is your most precious asset.

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