Tuesday, June 26 2018

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

The Smart Doll site has been getting small constant tweaks of late. Relevant products are now labeled Milk, Tea or Cocoa. You can also see the location that the product was made (will add that info to previous products soon) and soon will also be able to see material type for apparel items for folks who may have allergies.
While not a new feature, you can see roughly what an item costs in your currency. We don’t know what rate Paypal or your credit card company will charge you but at least you get an estimate.

There is a “recently viewed products” at the bottom of the page - will add a link to clear that history soon.

Soon you will be able to create an account and see a history of what you purchased and the status of your current order.
Speaking of which, if you have not received a shipping notification after 5 days, please contact support. Some folks with Outlook, Hotmail emails have not been getting the confirmations even though the package has been shipped out.

Also, When you place an order, you can type in your phone number to receive SMS too which should help incase your email provider decides that Smart Doll mail is too hot for them. #smartdoll

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