Friday, June 22 2018

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

This is just one of the molds for Cortex. It’s taken me 3 years design - it may look simple but there is a lot of engineering going on here - I need to think about flow, pressure, speed, temperature etc of material, cooling, ejector pins, undercut, slides, shrinkage, warping, sinkage and what have you. Each tweak made involves orchestrating a ton of engineers and machinery which even though we do in Japan can take months on end to complete a cycle. In the mean time I continue running the business by making more cute girls and apparel to pay for the mold changes which has currently amounted to the equivalent of buying a few buildings in Ginza Tokyo. No other company has attempted to make a plastic model of this size and complexity so I’m falling flat in my face all the time - but it’s worth it as the learnings are precious which would not be gained without tasting the dirt. I actually gave up many moons ago as I thought it could not be done - to make a plastic model that looks exactly like it’s soft vinyl counterpart. The result if I may say so myself is incredible - there is nobody in the world that wants you to see the final product more than me - nobody. #smartdoll

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