Friday, June 1 2018

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

To further increase quality control, all Smart Dolls shipped from today will come with a Quality Control Card inserted in the torso. It notes the serial number of your doll and the code names of the 4 staff members who are responsible for the most critical components of the body. Don’t remove the card unless you believe you have an issue - in which case you should take a photo of it and send it to the support address.
You will start to see the sticker on all newly packed apparel and option parts too - all staff members have their own sticker.
Dolls previously shipped without the card still have the full one year warranty - we have a record if you purchased from us or our retailers - they also have been through the same checks but this time the physical card helps us to not only pinpoint issues but to make sure we are all held accountable to deliver a quality product - a product that we would like to receive ourselves. We do not issue these cards that have been previously shipped as we didn’t keep a record of who made exactly which frame or body or when - now everything is recorded. We even started to take photos of shipments to prevent mis-picks. All of this is part of the Black Box Strategy that airlines use - I have applied it to our business and want to use it to maintain quality as our volume increases.
品質向上のため、今日から出荷するスマートドール には品質管理カードが胴体に挿入され、シリアル番号や各重要部の責任者コード名のシールが貼ってあります。お気付きの点があれば、そのカードの写真を撮ってサポートのメールまで送ってください。通常は胴体に入れたままにしてください。
以前に出荷されているスマートドール に関しては1年の保証が付いていることが変わりませんし、同じ品質チェックされています。航空業界が採用しているブラックボックス対策で、弊社の売り上げボリュームが上昇するとともに品質を保つのは課題でしたが、こうして量を増やしながら品質も保っていきたいと思います。#notweet #smartdoll

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