Wednesday, May 30 2018

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

Kanata Smart Doll. The only #smartdoll to come with glasses cos Eiji decided to get a LASIK operation. Kanata’s faceup has been specifically designed so that it balances out with glasses - just like how they do anime character designs.
For the time being, all #smartdoll glasses will come with lenses but I personally remove them and made the frame design under-rim so that the lens don’t get in the way of the eyes when you take photos - this is another reason why most anime characters who wear glasses have under-rim glasses - so you can see their biiiig anime eyes. Anyway. Kanata is lined up behind a bunch of other to-be-released Smart Doll’s so no ETA right now - unless you want to delay Trinity and Serenity.
#smartdoll #notweet

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