Tuesday, April 17 2018

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

There is a time sale going on right now for the next 48 hours - large discounts on some items including 10% off on Ebony Smart Doll. When the timer runs out, prices return to what they originally were. Some items may go out of stock during the sale or return to its original price *before* the timer runs out due to depletion of current stock. Shipping time may take longer than usual for preparation during the time sale storm.
タイムセールの時間だよ〜。アパレルやオプションパーツを大幅にディスカウント。エボニーちゃんも10%オフ。タイムセールが終了すると値段が元に戻ります。現在在庫数が売り切れたら、タイマーがゼロになる前にも通常価格に戻ることも。タイムセール嵐中に出荷は通常よりちょい長くなることもあります。#smartdoll #notweet

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