Sunday, April 1 2018

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

America is Smart Doll’s largest market which now accounts for more than 62% of sales. I love America and visit on a yearly basis to not only attend Anime conventions to meet our fans but also visit the national parks where I take our Smart Doll girls out for photoshoots.

This product is to celebrate our increased share in the United States.

In Odaiba Tokyo, we already have a 12 meter tall Statue of Liberty and now for the first time ever, Lady Liberty stands at a staggering 60 CM tall in Gotanda Tokyo where our production studio and flagship store Mirai Store Tokyo is located.

This Lady Liberty set comes with a robe, crown, torch and tablet. Base not included because it will cost you 5 limbs for shipping alone (ask best friend to borrow other limb). The robe fits bust sizes up to XL. We are currently ramping up production to supply a forecasted 450,000 orders. We plan to make sure all orders are shipped to reach before July 4th Independence Day.

アメリカはスマートドール市場一位 (売上全体の62%)。僕がアメリカが大好き。毎年はアメリカでのアニメ展示会に参加し、イベント後は必ず壮大な国立公園でスマートドールでの撮影を。

東京のお台場では高さ12メートルの自由の女神が立っていますが、今は高さ60CMで東京の五反田のミライストアに聳え立つ。この自由の美少女セットはローブ、クラウン、トーチと銘版の4点セットになります。ベースは含みません。現在はアメリカから45万セットの注文を見込み、アメリカの独立記念日の前に配送完了するように動いています。#smartdoll #notweet

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