Sunday, April 26 2020

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

Just to let you know that I've released a load of product detail pages for up n coming girls n boys. Go to the smart doll online store > main menu > new stuff > coming sooooon. All of these characters don't have a release date.
However, if you are fortunate to get hold of a Fortuitous then you have the chance of getting early access to girls such as Resilient, Envisage, Moment, Challenge, Clarity, Oceana Cinnamon, Cherry Cinnamon, Kanata Cinnamon, Infinity Cinnamon, Mirai Classic Cinnamon, Julia Cinnamon and more.

You can decide on the release priority for the following girls through how many people signup for the email alerts on the product detail pages of Moment, Envisage, Clarity, Challenge, Nostalgia - all these girls paint masks are ready. Resilient is out within the next two weeks. Paint masks for Prophecy should hopefully be ready in two months - the master has to go into a tub where copper deposits stick to the head through an electrical charge. The copper deposits build up to form the copper face masks but the process is really up to mother nature.

Also can you do me a favor? The navigation menu on the online store is a mess and needs a revamp. Can you tell me what you can and cant live without and what you would like added? I'm working on a Smart Doll page which will enable you to slice n dice and sort by skin tone, style, etc. #tokyo #smartdoll #anime #manga #doll #bjd #fashion #3dprinting #fashiondoll #dollphoto #dollphotography #dollphotographer #dollfashion #bjdphotography #japan

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