Sunday, April 19 2020

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Stuck indoors and need to take a break away from Animal Crossing, staring at the walls or counting how many leaves left on your toilet roll?

Well how about participating in the Smart Doll Collage Games where you get to show the world your photos based on a certain topic. The first two topics are "selfie" and "workspace" - head to the Smart Doll online store where you will see a link on the top page. Everything you need to know are in the posts but a summary as follows.

The first Collage Game is "Selfie & Smart Doll." Since we made the last selfie collage, we have released a ton of Smart Dolls who are feeling left out. Once we have enough submissions for a new collage, the previous collage will be deleted from the Smart Doll site. You can go ahead and submit the same photo as last time if you want ;-) The second Collage Game is "Workspace" - photos of where you do your stuff - no not private stuff (please no private stuff photos) but where you have your computer or sewing machine or wot not. I would love to see how you display your Smart Dolls which can maybe inspire others too.

The Collage Games uses the photo sharing feature on the Smart Doll Online store. Folks listed below have submitted the most photos since this feature launched in early 2019 and as a token of my thanks I would like to give them a free Culture Japan Smart Doll of their choice. If your name is listed below please DM me.
@loganscottage, @7xana7, @doll.jpf, @jurgen_staub, @aoi.anzai, @solaceofdreams, @jackietravelogue, @nebula427, @vega.starlight, @friggandfreya, @dolldestinyx - I'm gonna have to ask you guys to pay for shipping though ;-) If you are submitting photos for the collages or product detail pages then you too can stand a chance to win goodies but do read terms (written up on the Collage Game pages) before deciding whether you are game or not - not everybody will get goodies. Please do not participate if you are expecting something in return.

These are photos of my workspace at home. It's important to have a balance of both "stuff" and "nothing" as the nothingness of blank space contributes to the stuff on display
Anyway, Let the Collage Games Begin! #smartdoll #notweet

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