Saturday, May 9 2020

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

There is something else spreading around the world but especially of late - Smart Dollmination. These maps represent orders from April. Can you see your mark?
Are there other owners in your area that you can see from the map? Maybe when it’s safe to go out after the pandemic, walk around with your Smart Doll on your shoulder to see if you can find other owners:-) However, under no circumstance should you wave your Smart Doll in the air - they certainly don’t like that and are likely to come after you when you are asleep.
Forgot to mention if you don’t see your mark then it could be that map not zoomed in enough.
Sorry if I missed your area in these screenies - I thought i’d focus on the bulk of the orders in the 10 image Instagram limit :-( #tokyo #smartdoll #anime #manga #doll #bjd #fashion #3dprinting #fashiondoll #dollphoto #dollphotography #dollphotographer #dollfashion #bjdphotography #japan #notweet

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