Friday, February 26 2016

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

Before I came to live in Japan, I heard stories about how electronic products in working condition could be found lying around in the streets. Being brought up in the UK, I found this extremely hard to believe until I got here to find...electronic products in the streets.

I knew somebody who had an apartment filled with stuff they found on the streets including a fridge, TV and video recorder.

These products have been put out in the street at a specific time and location designated by the local ward who will come to pick it up for recycle. In the photo you can see a sticker stuck on it which has been purchased from a convenience store to let the ward office know that the recycle and collection fee has been paid for.

Folks who take nab these products for their own use are technically stealing but is extremely unlikely that anybody will complain even if they see you take it - for all they know you could have been the one that put it there in the first place.

How do you dispose of large electronic stuff where you live?

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