Thursday, March 12 2020

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Sorry for radio silence - lots has been brewing in Smart Doll land - new “mystical” products, anime licensing deals, DC heroines, workflow optimizations and more - all too exciting ;-) Anyway - for the first batch of today’s updates - new products online including the Baggy Knit Cardigan, Classic Raglan T-Shirt, Lace Sports Bra (Black) and Lace Shorts (Black) - read through the product descriptions on the detail pages before deciding to buy - especially check the stain ratings.

I’m now putting Smart Dolls and other products that are going to be discontinued in the Garage section on the online store - in there now is Journey Classic tea and Mirai Cocoa - both available for March or while stocks last. These are products and not prototypes.

Chitose Multiverse was due out on the 14th March (Sat) but we need to delay her until the evening of the 16th or 17th March. This is because we get so many orders over the weekend that we cant cope with the volume. Chitose is not a limited product but availability may be sparse during the first few weeks of launch due to capacity.

Eiji and Crimson Cinnamon pre-orders are now due to open beginning of April sometime together with cinnamon option hand parts.

Semi-real girl update - Resilient mask has been going through multiple tweaks but is nearly ready. Am going to announce a tea semi-real girl once the masks are final - hopefully within the next two weeks.
I’m sure I’m forgetting something but that’s it for now.

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