Tuesday, March 3 2020

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

As it’s Mirai’s birthday today I thought I’d reveal something that we have been working on - a semi-real version of Mirai Suenaga. Still tweaking the look and feel. We are also working on other semi-real characters like Kizuna and Valiant. Our anime style characters will still be a part of our product line up while the semi-real characters are designed for those who like the aesthetic. In the same way that there is no way you will get me to eat Durian fruit (look it up if you never heard of it), the semi-real line is not designed for folks who prefer the anime line.

I personally love both styles and am happy to see so many new owners who would have never picked up a Smart Doll due to their dislike of the anime aesthetic - you know the “eyes bigger than the nose and mouth COMBINED” ;-)
We prefer to be a brand that invests in trying new things - instead of selling the same thing over and over again to the same bunch of people. We were the first to have a dark skin tone as a regular line up and also the first to release vinyl guys in 1/3 scale. We also dared to make 1/2 scale vinyl Smart Dolls too. We have characters like Valiant who has a birthmark and Liberty who has vitiligo. Even if our cocoa skin tones, Valiant or Liberty don’t sell as well as the other characters, I will still keep them around because it’s the right thing to do. Besides, our cocoa skin tone is gorgeous and so is Valiant and Liberty ;-) And before you can say “what about the guys?!” you will be flooded with an absolute ton of them. I’ve got many more guys in the works for you ;-) I understand that our semi-real line is not everybody’s cuppa tea and understand folks wanting to jump ship. Unfortunately the semi-real line is here to stay so when you jump just watch out for sharks :-) Is there an anime styled Smart Doll that you would like to see get semi-realized?
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