Thursday, February 13 2020

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

In today’s cabinet board meeting we discussed what we feel is preventing Japanese contents from making its way further around the globe - this touches on the subject of licensing and rights.
I made a recommendation that we need to have some sort of database online with contact information of the rights holders. For example, I’m fortunate to have many peers in the anime industry which enables me to get licenses with titles ranging from Naruto to Code Geass to Idol Master. However, without having peers, finding who is the right contact for an anime title like Death Note (for example) is challenging. Is it NTV who have the rights to the TV anime? Or is it Shueisha? Sometimes the licensing rights are owned by the music studio! It depends on the original deal and what rights each stake holder wanted when the production committee was setup.
How many of you want to start up your own anime business and what do you want to do and why? Or are you already running your own business and what do you do?


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