Saturday, February 1 2020

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

Say hello to Resilient. She symbolizes the will to quickly recover from the hardships that life throws at us. While encountering poop hitting the fan is part of our journey through life - we have freedom to choose how we deal with it.
Have you heard the term Fight or Flight Response? It’s a term used to describe two inherent choices that we can make when faced with danger - we can either fight off the threat or run away (flight) from the threat. There are actually two more terms - freeze or forfeit. We can also choose to freeze (hoping the threat doesn’t notice us) or forfeit which basically means “ok I give up - I can’t run or hide or fight you so you can eat me alive”. Maintaining a will to recover quick from something lousy that happened is vital to building a life and career for yourself - but this can’t be done if you run away, do nothing or give up - this leaves you with only one choice which is to fight and forge forward. Resilient is a reminder to bounce back and fight on as all other options will leave you with nothing.

Ah! nearly forgot - do you prefer the blue or gray bathrobe - going to bring it back.
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