Monday, January 27 2020

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Introducing Option Hand Pack 4 for Smart Doll - available online in March but available now in all four beverage colors at Mirai Store Tokyo.
There are four types of gestures which are…

1. Sword Aloft Grip - this hand was designed to hold the Sword Of Omens/Light Sabers/He-Man’s Power Sword in a way so that the sword is in an upright position when held aloft. Did you know that ThunderCats is managed by Warner Bros. ? The Sword Aloft Grip is also good for holding magazines and books as you can see from the Almanac photos.

2. Wide Grabby Hands - these hands are good for grabbing and holding onto larger objects... like vintage Star Wars figures of course. Its also good for Pre-Hadoken poses. Similar to Grabby Hands in Option Hand Pack 3 but these can actually hold objects (depending on what it is) without dropping them.

3. Hope & Wish - back in the UK we crossed our fingers when wishing for something. This is not a concept in Japan though and folks over here look at the gesture with great interest ;-) 4. Finger Heart - sounds odd but seemingly popular especially in KPOP. Do note due to the exaggerated proportions of Smart Doll, the fore finger looks longer from angles other than the finger heart position.
Which Hand pack is your fave?


ライトセイバーなどを持つための「剣持ち手」や、スター・ウォーズのビンテージフィギュアを持てる「ワイド持ち手」、英語圏では「望む」という仕草の「HOPE手」(指が二本クロスしているやつ)、と特にKPOPの中では人気の「フィンガーハート」仕草。#tokyo #smartdoll #anime #manga #doll #bjd #fashion #3dprinting #fashiondoll #notweet

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