Friday, December 6 2019

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

The elf girl is ready (no name yet) but we had to change the mouth design as the original didn’t translate well to a paint mask during the electroplating process - good thing we set expectations by only taking orders on actual product photos and not prototype photos eh? I personally think she looks better than the original. We are working on a tea and cocoa prototype too.

I would like to take this opportunity to further set expectations regarding our production process - while apparel can take at least 6 months, our new characters can take a year or more. We could get stuff out faster but that would mean a combination of forcing our staff to work longer hours & sacrificing on quality which I’m unfortunately not willing to do for anyone.
We are constantly told that if we want to make more money then we will just have to do more but some folks have a hard time understanding that not everybody is motivated by moolah.

I feel that focusing life on making money is the wrong way to go about it. Instead, focusing on what you want to do will naturally drive you to make the effort to take actions - in turn this will manifest the money needed. Focusing on money just means you need to then look for stuff to do with the money - this is the reason so many affluent folks are miserable - they spent their life chasing millions instead of focusing on living the experiences that could make them happy - like looking out at red rock in a national park for example - thats happiness for me ;-) The amount of projects that we handle does not influence the length of time that it takes to make a mask or mold - for example a master mold will be put in a bath where an electric current runs through it to make copper deposits stick to the mold. This process is left to the hands of mother nature and cannot be sped up. Once submitted we need to wait months before the masks are ready but then the tweaks can further take a few more months.

I see many folks disappointed with the way our business philosophy focuses on our employee wellbeing and quality instead of consumer needs (fast/cheap) and as such I recommend that these consumers seek other brands. #smartdoll #bjd

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