Saturday, November 9 2019

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Because we handcraft each and every Smart Doll, we have been able to make custom builds to help amputee children cope with their situation.

These custom builds are not just a case of pulling an arm or a leg out - we need to modify the internal frame and leave the flash intact for the limb sockets. We do not charge for such customizations but we require a few extra days for amputee builds. Custom builds are currently only available for amputees.

However, we want products for amputees readily available and not just one-off custom builds. In 2020 we will start to release amputee parts and prosthetic limbs as regular product lineups. This prosthetic leg is still in the prototype phase - we need to work out the production method and make sure that arm limbs are styled in the same way for consistency.
We are looking into how to design the shin with a piston mechanism (?) so that it can be adjusted for when the doll is wearing shoes of different heights or when barefoot.

This Serenity with prosthetic leg is on display at Mirai Store Tokyo and I have already had comments of “how cool” it looks. However, while anybody can buy these, they are designed to represent amputees and not created for the purpose of looking “cool.” We also need to figure out how to do residual limbs properly as right now we are just leaving the flash intact for custom builds.

Anyway, we have also been working on Ostomy bags but have not got the look quite right. We want these to also be released in 2020.

Any requests - to me.

On a side note, I have a thought that I would like to share. In English we regularly use the term “that cost me an arm and a leg” or “I need to sell a kidney to buy that new iPhone” etc but we do not realize how casual remarks like this can have an affect on folks who have actually lost an arm, leg or kidney. In the past I have used such terms without realizing how it could have hurt some folks and apologize.

今までは小児切断者用のスマートドールを親達のリクエストで行ってきました。骨格を改造し、バリを残したままのカスタムビルドで小児切断者用のリハビリの手助けとなったと親達のメールを読むともっとがんばらなきゃと思った。切断者用のスマートドールはカスタムのではなく、通常ラインアップで展開したく来年は義足や、残存肢パーツも展開します。 #japan #smartdoll #anime #manga #doll #bjd #fashion #3dprinting #amputee

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