Thursday, November 7 2019

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

Now that the vinyl molds for G01 and G02 heads are done, we can start to experiment with tea and cocoa makeup. This prototype uses the G02 head - she needs a name!

We seem get a lot of comments about our brand being racist for creating lighter skin tones when developing a character but there is a reason for this.
First, we have developed our own milk PLA filament for the 3D printers. The lighter color enables us to better check the shape in the real world to make any further 3D modifications.

Second, when we make paint masks, the makeup has to be done on a lighter skin tone so that the person etching the mask can better see the contrast of the skin and makeup. If we submitted a cocoa skin tone to be masked, the etcher would have difficulty making out the borders of each line.
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