Monday, October 28 2019

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

The product detail page for Resolute Tea is up and you can now register for the email alerts. Resolute (Cinnamon) was released yesterday and it looks like she’s a popular girl - will need the rest of the week to get her shipped to all outstanding orders. First 4 photos are of Resolute Tea with the last 4 being Resolute in Cinnamon.

We have released quite a few girls in cinnamon of late including Serenity, Journey, Chitose etc with more to come.

There is no Cinnamon Cortex right now as the color tweaks is not quite working out. We can mix colors to match the vinyl but when injection molded, the color turns out different - this is because of the way light is reflected and scattered from a sand blasted surface. The surface of an injection mold is sand blasted that gives it the matte look and feel of vinyl.

The scattered light gives the injection molded part a brighter appearance but calculating what the base color would be factoring in the scattered light remains a case of trail and error. We just need to get hold of that Google Quantum computer and we would be sorted.

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